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Shoe Labels

R 22.00

Our shoe labels are a versatile high quality black and white vinyl label that can be stuck to the inside of school shoes, rugby boots, ballet shoes and even flip-flops. These classic labels are printed on industrial grade white polyester vinyl with a highly durable black ink and a clear protective cover, means they will last against even for the roughest and toughest of kids.

These black and white labels are highly durable and can be used on any shoe item. For best results, place the shoe label in the arch of the shoe with its protective clear cover.

Choose between a pack size of 10 or 20 labels.

  • Industrial grade white polyester label with black ink.
  • Clear waterproof label to be placed over shoe sticker in shoes.
  • Round white shoe sticker
  • So thin you won't know they are there.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Waterproof.

Perfect for: all footwear.

  1. Make sure the inside of the shoe is as clean and dry as possible.
  2. Peel a clear cover off the sheet and place it over the round sticker
  3. Place the combined stickers under the arch of the shoe
  4. Apply pressure. Walk around in the shoes immediately for 2-3mins.