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Colour Multi-Purpose

R 185.00

Our Colour multi-purpose labels is the best solution to label your child’s expensive art set, myriad of stationery or disorganised toy boxes, nothing has to go missing ever again!

Our range of bright, fun and funky labels is practical and pretty! The Multi-Purpose Colour Label pack has it all, with loads of themes to choose from, this will make your child stationary stand out from the chaos of the classroom after the back to school madness.

All of our high quality colour vinyl labels will adhere to smooth, clean surfaces. Whilst our synthetic iron-on labels can adhere to all fabrics. The colour vinyl book labels are perfect for labelling any dry flat surface such as homework books, and the bag tag makes sure that your small one never comes home with the wrong bag! Our shoe labels are designed in a way to help your small ones know which foot goes in the shoe.

This pack consists of 128 labels and has 10 different types.

This Multi-Purpose Colour Labels pack includes the following themed labels:
  • Super-size
  • 42 Skinny Pen & Pencil
  • 4 Large 
  • 32 Standard 
  • 4 Big Square 
  • 10 Baby Square 
  • 4 Big Dot
  • 8 Baby Dot
  • 12 Micro
  • 14 book
      Total of 128 name labels! 

      Perfect for: stationery, lunch boxes, drink bottles and anything else you can think of! Our vinyl labels are waterproof, dishwasher and microwave safe.

      Here are some super uses for the labels in your Multi-Purpose Colour Labels:

      • Super-size labels:These are great for labelling sports equipment or electronic devices.
      • Skinny Pen & Pencil: These can be used on: pencils, pens, paint brushes, Tipex, felt tips, paint brushes, cables, wires, swimming goggles, golf clubs and much more.
      • Large, Standard, Big Square, Baby Square, Big Dot, Baby Dot: These can be used on: juice bottles, lunch boxes, pencil cases, glue sticks, sports equipment, highlighters, rulers, calculators, staplers & laptops. A range of sizes and shapes lets you label anything, anywhere!
      • Micro labels: These can be used on: scissors, flash disks, erasers, sharpeners, watches, mobile phones, eye wear, iPods and any other awkward-to-label products.
      • Book labels: These can be used on: files, diaries, textbooks, exercise books, exam pads, flip files, shoeboxes, packing & general storage boxes. Also great on electronic devices such as laptops! 


      Please see the individual items to view their instructions and characteristics.